CBM Conference

The CBM Conference has been running a European-based event for Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring professionals since 2017. Located for four days in the Crowne Plaza in the city of Antwerp, Belgium, the CBM conference is the European conference for any professional who cares about vibration analysis, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, oil analysis, infrared thermography, motor testing, ultrasound, lubrication, and alignment and balancing. Find out more about the CBM Conference Europe on thecbmconference.com.


What is the CBM Conference Europe?

The CBM Conference is Europe’s largest and only conference dedicated to condition monitoring professionals. The conference covers a broad cross-section of topics in the industry, including:

  • Vibration analysis: the method of detecting subtle changes in vibrations that occur when machines suffer from a wide range of faults
  • Infrared thermography: a thermal imaging technology used to detect electrical process and manufacturing faults
  • Wear debris analysis: a method of detecting metal wear particles and other contaminants in oil samples
  • Motor testing: a method of using motor current measurements to detect faults in the supply voltage
  • Ultrasound: listening to frequencies above our range of hearing to detect friction, turbulence and impact within machines
  • Lubrication: the key to long life of machine parts
  • Condition monitoring: ensuring correct condition to extend lifespan
  • Alignment and balance: ensuring centrifugal forces are kept to a minimum to decrease strain and improve reliability.

The CBM Conference’s four-day European event is held in one of Antwerp’s leading hotels offers the perfect opportunity for professionals in these industries to improve and update industry knowledge, learn about new approaches, discover new tools and create long-lasting peer friendships and networks.


Who should attend the CBM Conference Europe?

Anyone who works in the vibration analysis and condition monitoring industries from all over the world, but particularly from Europe. In fact, anyone who works in any of the industries listed above will find immense value at the CBM Conference Europe. 


Why should you attend the CBM Conference Europe?

  1. This is the only European conference that focuses condition monitoring technologies. If you don’t attend, you won’t get another chance until next year.
  2. We offer European industry professionals a unique opportunity to network within their peer group and to build stronger networks and long-lasting friendships. This is something that isn’t always possible in our fragmented industry.
  3. You can listen to experts in your field and discover new ways to approach the challenges that you are facing at the moment.
  4. You can discover new tools and technologies to improve the way that you and your company work.
  5. You will experience three keynote speeches and over 50 educational presentations from European and global industry experts.


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Event date:
Monday 03/06/2019 - 8:00
Thursday 06/06/2019 - 17:00
Crowne Plaza Antwerpen
Gerard Legrellelaan 10
Antwerpen 2020
Organised by:
Mobius Institute
Activity type :