Asset Performance 4.0 Webinar: How to control every meter of your critical equipment with fiber optics

For the sensorisation of industrial equipment, distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) offers several advantages over conventional IoT sensors. Using only light as a sensor, they are fundamentally ATEX compliant, they can be installed in harsh and inaccessible environments, they need very little maintenance and enable to permanently monitor every meter of the asset.

Fluves has developed ground-breaking fiber optic monitoring solutions for assets such as pipelines and industrial installations, resulting in cost savings and improved reliability for asset managers.


This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Physical principles of fiber optic sensing (photonics)
  • Different types of fiber optic sensing: Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), Distributed Vibration / Acoustic Sensing (DVS/DAS) Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS).
  • Pipeline monitoring: the DALI system for leakage and intrusion detection
  • Furnace monitoring using DTS
  • The road ahead for fiber optics in industrial applications

About the speakers

Thijs Lanckriet, MSc, PhD, is a civil engineer and is the project manager for fiber optic sensing projects at Fluves, including the DALI pipeline monitoring system.

Thomas Van Hoestenberghe, MSc, MBA, is a bio engineer and founder of Fluves. Fluves provides predictive maintenance systems for water & energy infrastructure, enabling many years of lifetime extension for these assets. Our differentiator is the use of fiber optic technology, which enables us to monitor every meter of the assets (pipelines, cables, ...) with unique precision. 

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Event date:
Friday 07/05/2021 - 14:00
Friday 07/05/2021 - 15:00
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Asset Performance 4.0
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