‘Bridge to Worldclass Maintenance & Asset Management’

BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association vzw-asbl, is a dynamic non-profit organisation for Maintenance and Asset Management Professionals in Belgium. We address both maintenance managers in industry and other asset owners, and suppliers of maintenance services and related products. The mission of BEMAS is to create a larger awareness and appreciation for maintenance and asset management, and to make asset intensive industries in Belgium more competitive by sharing knowledge on maintenance, reliability & asset management. BEMAS yearly organises more than 70 initiatives (open training sessions, in company training sessions, seminars, company visits, working groups, events, etc...), welcoming well over 1500 participants.

BEMAS has established an extensive network of maintenance and asset management professionals in Belgian Industry. We have more than 500 company members with 750+ member contact persons. Also emplyees of companies that are not a member participate at the frequently organized sessions for sharing best practices in maintenance and asset management. BEMAS could also be your ‘Bridge to Worldclass Maintenance & Asset Management’. Find more information on www.bemas.org.

We represent different groups:

  • Asset owners, where we inspire, inform and train maintenance managers, asset managers and reliability engineers and their team members ;
  • Suppliers of services and products for technical maintenance and asset management, who want to grow their network and stay informed
  • Academic institutions: universities, graduate and high schools that train the technicians, engineers and maintenance and asset managers of the future.

Members of BEMAS come in all sizes: from sole proprietorship over SME to big multinational. The one thing they have in common is their interest in our platform for sharing knowledge and best practices in maintenance and asset management. In this way, BEMAS wants to increase the competitiveness of the Belgian industry, and create added value by making the management of assets, equipment, installations and buildings more sustainable.

Some of our activities...

  • Member activities 
    In a couple of hours, a specialist provides relevant information about current topics in maintenance and asset management. Every year, BEMAS organises dozens member activities inspirening hundreds of maintenance & asset management professionals. Participation is free for members.
  • Courses and Trainings
    BEMAS has a wel established portfolio of courses and trainings on a variety of sublects in the field of reliability engineering, maintenance and asset management. Our  lecturers provide meaningful theoretical insights, combined with exercises, best practices and case studies .
  • Company visits
    A look behind the scenes to see how technical maintenance and asset management is performed in other companies.
  • Events
    • Maintenance Manager of the Year
    • BEMAS Innovation Award
    • BEMAS Maintenance Day
    • etc ...

Do you want to be a part of our dynamic network? Take a look at all our membership benefits